Fragility Curve Plotter for Fully-Restrained Beam-to-Column Connections

On this page, you can plot fragility curves for pre-described damage states for:

  • typical pre-Northridge beam-to-column connections according to the work presented in Ramirez et al. (2012); and
  • typical beam-to-column connections with Reduced Beam Section (RBS) according to the work presented in Lignos et al. (2010).

Note that for pre-Northridge beam-to-column connections, damage states associated with yielding and fracture are only available.

Select Damage State

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Fy : Nominal Yield Stress

Fragility Variation with Respect to L/d and d!

This section is only applicable for Pre-Northridge Beam-To-Column Connections. You can identify the effect of span-to-depth ratio L/d and beam depth, d, on the damage state associated with yielding and fracture, respectively, according to the paper by Ramirez et al. (2012)

Keep in mind that choosing to use L/d will cause your custom graph to also be affected by the Damage State chosen on the left.